Ultrazvučni aparati GE Healthcare

Venue 40

Ultrasound for needle guidance and rapid diagnostics just got easier. GE's intuitive system for the point of care is easy to use, and easy to clean. It's technologically designed to be easy to use. The GE Venue 40 has intuitive, pre-confi gured application settings and an easy-to-use touch nterface. There are no buttons, no keyboard, no knobs to complicate the process or slow you down. Just gel and go. The Venue 40 is sleek and can be wheeled into tight spaces like the bedside or trauma bay. With a quick boot up time, it can be ready to scan in the time it takes to put your gloves on. And a universal docking system makes it possible to mount it in a cart or a table dock without the need for tools, making it easy to take from room to room or location to location.